Known more for their work on supercars like the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Gran Turismo, Pininfarina have extended their design work and expertise to the office furniture world. They have recently launched a top of the line office chair known as the Xten Pininfarina.

Just like the Ferrari cars, the beauty and style of the Xten is much more than skin deep. There are  standards of technology and design that are more commonly applied to vehicles put to use in this chair. This could be the most comfortable office chair ever made, so let’s have a closer look at the features.

The Xten uses Technogel, a unique polyurethane material which is injected into the cushion, and also Dynatec which is a fabric that is designed for Olympic athletes, which help to relieve stress on the back. Tests show that after one and a half hours, this chair can relieve 60% of pressure when compared to a foam only cushion. The dynamic synchronized tilting system allows the user to easily tilt back in the chair whilst the Technogel in the cushions adapts to the users shape, making the seat comfortable for anyone.

This chair promises to help reduce fatigue through the use of its high-tech materials and revolutionary unique features, which makes it the perfect partner for the latest contemporary and ergonomic office design. Its extraordinary appeal allows the Xten to represent lightness and harmony to give your office space a touch of character and personality. The result is an office chair that works as good as it looks.

This chair has an important role to play when it comes to improving the efficiency and productivity of employees. The Xten comes in 6 different colours including the classic Ferrari red, metallic blue, anthracite, metallic grey, metallic black and pearly white.

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