Recently, it has been said more often that workspaces need to consider that technology is rapidly advancing when it comes to office design. To keep up with the changes, there are some technology trend must-haves of 2017, one of which is the Humanscale M/Connect.

The Humanscale M/Connect is a USB, dual-video docking station which is able to merge both ergonomics and technology. It simply sits on the desk top while the dock stays below the desk surface. As it allows for the majority of cables to be connected under the desk, this revolutionary docking station is able to provide a clean look on the user’s workplace. Humanscale have included six USB 3.0 ports with 2 posts having quick charging capabilities. The Humanscale M/Connect isn’t just a docking station; it is compatible with Humanscale monitor arm models such as the M2, M8 or M/Flex.

The M/Connect is able to help improve the comfort, health and productivity of its users whilst offering the instant use of all devices through the use of universal plugs and display connections. This docking station was designed with a constant focus on its environmental impact at every stage of its development, allowing it to achieve more with less and become naturally sustainable. It has become a total workspace solution that has been able to completely enhance the computing experience.

The Humanscale M/Connect has been engineered to ensure it meets all categorisations such as the LSZH, thanks to its use of non-PVC cable jackets. It is crafted out of highly recyclable aluminium parts and comes in an option of three finishes, polished aluminium with white trim, silver grey or black. The M/Connect is always at the heart of an active workspace, and can be at the heart of yours.

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