One common mistake that almost everyone makes is hanging you suit jacket, blazer or winter coat on the back of your office chair. When you hang your jacket over the back of your office chair the item of clothing can become distorted as it loses its shape and structure. So, where is the ideal place to hang your coat, jacket or blazer?

How about a coat hanger? Clothes aren’t just hung on hangers for the purpose of effectively and efficiently storing them but, they also to help maintain the clothes structure and strength. By placing your clothes on a good quality hanger it will help increase how they will look when you wear them, it will also be able to extend the longevity and value of the items of clothing used by the hanger.

Luckily for us, Herman Miller created the innovative Aeron Coat Hanger. This coat hanger is suitable for all sizes; it allows you to hang your jacket on the chair meaning you will have it always at hand. The hanger can support items of clothing that weigh up to 5kg. The coat hanger comes in two parts which contains a fixed-piece polymer clamp and a fail-safe wire hanger which both attach to the back of the chair. The design of the Aeron jacket hanger represents the silhouette of the Aeron office chair’s backrest allowing it to maintain its visual presence throughout the office environment.  The Aeron coat hanger has been designed to ensure protection from damage for the items of clothing used. To protect the product, if any excessive force is applied or if the 5kg weight limit is surpassed, the wire will simply pop off. The Aeron Coat Hanger can then easily be refitted.

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