Good lighting is in demand all over the world however it comes with a price tag. Offices with natural lighting are in fast demand.   Companies who are money conscious often choose work premises with less natural lighting, therefore more affordable but, this can have some negative consequences.

However, LED lighting such as HumanScale Element Task Lights and HumanScale Horizon Table Light have the potential to change the future of lighting in our commercial spaces. LED lighting can help to save companies lots of money on their energy bills and it’s kinder to their staff and the work environment.

Never underestimate the power of good LED lighting. Research tells us that good quality lighting in the work place has a big impact on productivity and helps to decrease errors by up to 60%!   Other LED lighting benefits include:


  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced eye and neck strain
  • Less workplace accidents
  • Over all improved health

Light - emitting diode (LED) is an energy efficient technology that allows companies to sufficiently light up their environment. The bulbs in HumanScale Horizon Table Light and HumanScale Element Task Light and other LED task lighting, last longer and offer better lighting than standard energy draining bulbs.


LED Task Lighting in the Office


Whilst natural lighting can improve mental and physical wellbeing, it’s not always enough to carry out specific work tasks.  Everyone has their own lighting needs due to eyesight abilities and age and that’s why LED task lighting, is considered as a controllable light and is often favoured.

 Task lights should are designed so that the user is able to not only turn it on/off but they’re able to position the light, control the brightness by allowing for light level adjustments.  This is the case with HumanScale Element Task Light and HumanScale Horizon Table Light.


Benefits of LED Lights in the Office:


  • The bulbs in HumanScale Element Task Light and HumanScale Horizon Table Light have a lifespan of 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs.


  •  HumanScale task lights use only LED and compact fluorescent (CFL) light sources, therefore, more cost and energy efficient than comparable incandescent bulbs.


  • Modern LEDs use only 10% of the energy and last up to 60 times longer than incandescent.


  • The Energy Department study concluded that LEDs contain no mercury as well as having a smaller environmental impact.


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