The modern office has moved away from the traditional individual working space. There’s a need for a collaborative approach with good access to technologies.


Whilst the mind conjures up exposed wires and visible plug sockets, the reality is, industry leaders such as Boss Design and Lyndon Design have a greater understanding of positive office design which includes clever soft seating technology.


Examples of Soft Seating Technology in the Office


Ergonomic studies tell us that to have a productive workforce, we need conducive and comfortable working environments. Intelligent office design therefore allows us to implement soft seating, modern technology and ergonomics together effortlessly.


But how are these factors easily streamlined together?


As we mentioned earlier, office design has to have a collaborative approach:


Break out areas include flat screen LCD monitors attached to walls - these areas help teams to collaborate in a creative and relaxed way. Encouraging effective communication and networking.


Soft seating equipped with charging points - a comfortable area where staff feel at ease which helps to foster creative thinking. They’re able to come away from the desk and still carry on with their day to day digital tasks.


Cafes equipped with Wi-Fi - cafes are no longer just a place for gossip! Many meetings and department collaborations happen over coffee.  Wi-Fi is somewhat considered a necessity in today’s working spaces not only to encourage staff to carry on with their projects but to offer them some ‘down time’ when on lunch breaks etc.


The leaders in Soft Seating Technology ….


Boss Design like many industry leaders recognise the importance of a healthy and happy workforce. One of their newest designs - an office pod has been developed to promote alertness and encourage concentration. Using a specially formulated white lighting system which changes its shades and intensity and works in accordance with people’s circadian rhythms. It’s one example of the many ‘hi tech’ and practical solutions there are available.


Soft Seating Technology Ensure Office Design That is:




A modern office must be able to create space where needed. It must have areas for team collaborations, private meetings and relaxation spaces.




An environment which caters to the functional and health needs of its employees contributes to higher productivity.




This type of environment helps to ensure better working relationships, effective communication and helps to build a stronger workforce.


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