Since we spend the majority of the day at work it is important to ensure that you make your workplace a healthy environment. There are many factors within the office environment that contribute to poor health. Stress, unhealthy habits and even a bad posture can have negative effects on your health. Fortunately, no matter what environment you are in, there are a number of activities that can make your office better for your health.

Stand up more often

If you spend the majority of your time working at a desk then you can improve your health by standing up more often at regular intervals. Not only does this help support your spine but it can also help to improve your creativity and productivity. To make this exercise simpler for you, why not incorporate standing into your daily routine by using a Sit and Stand desk? View our full range of Humanscale, Herman Miller and Elite Sit Stand desks here.

Add plants to your desk

Bring nature into the office by adding some potted plants. Not only does this make the office aesthetically pleasing but it can also help to increase the health and morale of those within the office environment. By bring plants into the office it can help provide a feeling of wellness and creativity within the office. Some plants have been proven to improve the air quality within the office, but try to avoid flowers that have a particularly strong scent to them.

Personal items

One good way to help relieve stress within the office environment is to add personal items and decoration for your work space. By adding these personal items to the office environment, it allows employees to feel more like their desk is their own and make them feel happier in the workplace. This can help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable which can lead to an increase in productivity.

Ergonomic desk chairs

If you are spending long periods of time sat at your desk, avoid back, neck and body ache by using an ergonomic chair. These are designed to help provide support to the main structures of your body that are prone to stress. An ergonomic chair is able to support your posture, make it more comfortable to sit for longer periods, reduces any neck, back or hip pain and also makes working easier. View our full range of designer ergonomic task chairs here.

Don’t eat at your desk

Getting away from your desk during your lunch hour can lead to a much healthier and happier working environment. If you leave your desk when you eat it means that you are away from your main work environment and can lead to more interaction between employees.

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