Physical activity is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many of us spend the majority of our day sat at our desks, this isn’t good for our body ,for example not having the right office chair can lead to health problems, one of the most common being back pain. Here are some simple ways to help you get exercise into your schedule both in and out of the office.

1. Take The Stairs

This is as simple as it sounds, by taking the stairs more regularly it can help to increase your physical activity. Many of us work in large office buildings and often take the lift, why not try to walk up the stairs? This doesn’t just have to be something you only do at work; you can also work this into your everyday routine. For example, if you commute to work take the stairs in the train station, or when out shopping in a large department store no need for the lift when you can take the stairs!

2. Park Further Away

Again, this is another simple change that can have a huge impact on your physical activity. Instead of looking for the perfect parking space right next to the entrance why not park a little further away? It may not seem like a big change, but it can have a big impact! By parking further away and doing this every day, it allows you to improve your health and increase your physical activity.

3. Exercise At Your Desk

There are some simple exercises that can be done at the desk, by doing a couple of sets of these per day can help to increase the amount of physical activity you participate in per day. These can either be done during your break or throughout the day as they don’t take much time at all. The exercises include:

Desk Push UpsThese are as simple as they sound, take a step back from your desk and then, using both hands, push up from your desk. By doing this it will help to strengthen your biceps and triceps.

Chair SquatsStanding in front of your chair, simply lower your body onto the edge of your seat before lifting yourself back up again. To do a squat correctly, stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips and pointing out. Ensure that your knees are in line with your feet and your back is straight as you squat down. Squats can help to strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Sitting Leg RaiseWhilst sitting on your chair, straighten your leg completely and hold for 10 seconds before slowly lowering. This will help to tighten your abs as well as tone your quadriceps and calves.

Calve RaisersIf you have a sit and stand desk, then this is the perfect exercise to tone up those calves. Simply raise your heels a few inches off the ground, hold this position and then slowly lower your heels back down.

These are just a few ideas as to how you can increase your physical activity whilst at work. None of these suggestions include major change to your daily routine, but just by making that small change can have a huge impact. One thing that will also have a major impact would be ensuring that you have a good ergonomic desk chair; this can help to improve your health and make your day at a desk more comfortable.

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