Finding the right office furniture for the workplace doesn’t need to be a difficult task. According to research, having the correct office furniture can be an important factor of productivity in the workplace, improving employees’ health and happiness by providing the right support for the body. Whilst ergonomic chairs are at the top of the scale when it comes to price, they have proven to be a worth the investment in the long term and are therefore a popular choice within the workplace.

Having the right support at your desk has been shown to drastically improve productivity. Slouching and poor posture are associated with being relaxed- at work this can lead to a relaxed attitude towards tasks, hence decreasing productivity. Ergonomic chairs provide the correct upright seating position to keep you focused and comfortable.  At The Office Furniture Store, we specialise in providing forward thinking products, such as our popular Orangebox range, available in a various colours sure to brighten up any office whilst encouraging employees productivity with correct seating posture and comfort. Not only do these chairs provide support for your back, they have a mesh backrest to allow air circulation meaning you can maintain the perfect body temperature throughout the work day.

As well as short term effects, ergonomic chairs can have long term health benefits for employees too. Correct posture ensures blood flow around the body which reduces feelings of tiredness. It can also reduce the likelihood of back ache due to bad posture over a long period of time, which in turn decreases the likelihood of staff needing to take days off. One of our top ranges of chairs, Herman Miller, are the ultimate in comfort with back tilt and body weight control to ensure comfort throughout the day in a range of contemporary styles to suit any office.

By investing in comfortable and supportive chairs for the office, you can drastically increase productivity, health and wellbeing of employees to create a more effective working environment in the long term.