Meet the monitor arm that is versatile enough to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern day workplace.

Humanscale are redefining the capabilities of monitor arms by combining incredible weight capacity with a slim, stylish profile.  The M8 monitor arm was built to offer performance and flexibility, which allows the user to work efficiently in a healthy posture, and giving them the option to set up one or multiple monitors at an optimal distance and height. This allows users to collaborate easier through effortless screen sharing, as well as increasing available desk space.

Thanks to its combination of strength and flexibility, the M8 is able to accommodate any single or dual monitor that can weigh up to 18kg. This ergonomic Humanscale monitor arm is able to offer an easily adjustable and flawless alternative to other high-capacity, bulky designs. The M8 monitor arm comes fully equipped with an internal counterbalance mechanism as well as the use of a clever combination of friction axles. This easily accommodates heavy monitors whilst also being able to provide flexibility and support.

If you want an arm that’s perfect for dual monitors then look no further, as the monitor arm can use an optional crossbar support that can accommodate for two monitors side by side weighing up to 9kg, this is know as the M8 Dual Monitor Arm. When two monitors are mounted to the crossbar they are able to adjust simultaneously, this is to ensure easy repositioning and excellent ergonomics. As well as this, each monitor can also be independently adjusted by using a fine-tune adjustor to ensure the perfect alignment and aesthetics.

The Humanscale M8 monitor arm comes in 3 different finishes including polished aluminium with white trim, silver with grey trim and also black with black trim. As well as this, the M8 comes with a number of desk fitting options including; a desk clamp, a bolt through desk fitting or even a dual fitting with a bolt through desk clamp.

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