You are probably thinking it’s obvious how to stand at your desk rather than sit, however there is a correct posture one must sustain in order to feel the benefits of sit-stand working. There is very little information on just how beneficial to your health and productivity a sit-stand desk such as the Humanscale Quickstand desk can be. Their clever design makes them versatile enough for you to both sit and stand whilst working to suit you- as their name suggests- meaning your overall comfort and health can be greatly enhanced.

 Firstly, your feet must be flat on the floor and your shoulders relaxed not slouched or bent forwards. Your eyes must be level with the third quarter of the screen and should be about an arms width away from you to avoid any straining from long term use. The ratio sit stand desk is adaptable to body shapes and dimensions so you can ensure everything is positioned where it should be for ultimate comfort and ease both whilst standing and sitting. For typing, your wrists and forearms must be parallel to the floor, and your elbows bent between 90 and 120 degrees. By adapting these techniques for a sit-stand desk, a standing desk can provide many health benefits, allowing blood to flow and circulate, engage muscles and minimise back pain.

However, sit-stand desks do not suggest that you must be standing at your desk all day- standing for just 30 minutes per day is estimated to lose you 5.2lb of body fat in just one year. With that fact in mind, and the fact that your metabolism begins to slow down after about 90 minutes of sitting, if you were to switch from sitting to standing for half an hour every hour and a half, in an eight-hour day you would spend two hours of your day standing in total -which over the year is the equivalent of running approximately 5 marathons!

Your daily routine will include a lot of sitting down during the working week, and most probably at the weekends too! You sit at the table for breakfast, sit in the car or on the train on your way to work, sit down at your desk once you arrive, sit down to eat your lunch, then at the end of the day you most likely go home to chill out on the sofa all evening. By incorporating a small amount of standing into your day, you will not only be Improving your productivity and overall health, but burning calories without even realising!

So get to it, improve your health and wellbeing as well as productivity and stand up!