The days have finally gotten longer and turned brighter, spring is almost over so it is the perfect time to have that final spring clean-up, so why not implement this in your office as well? Not only does clearing your desk and removing any clutter give you the sense of a fresh start but is also been proven to help increase productivity. We have put together some simple steps to help you transform your office:

Organise your space:

Many of us still struggle to keep our desks tidy instead of being taken over by loose pieces of paper and numerous sticky notes. The best way to tackle this problem is by keeping all of your sticky notes and pieces of paper all in one location. You could even look at using a note book to store all of your loose pieces of paper and sticky notes and create your own miniature filling system. As well as keeping your desk tidy this also allows you to be organised, knowing where everything is.

Why not try using a monitor arm to help create more space on your desk. This is able to get rid of the bulky computer stand and replace them with monitor stands that have adjustable arms. As well as gain space it is has an overall aesthetically pleasing look. Here at the office furniture store we offer a range of CBS monitor arms and Human Scale monitor arms.

Throw Away What You Don’t Need

Overtime, clutter can easily build up and before you know it; your desk is buried underneath folders, documents and more. Make sure you clean your desk on a regular basis, removing any paper that you don’t need or stationary.

A great trick to help you keep your desk clean and tidy and understand what the essential desk equipment is, is to completely clear and start at the beginning of the week with the bare minimum. That way, if you notice that you are missing any certain items you can add them back to your desk.

Add The Idea Chair

Your desk chair may not be your source of clutter; it still has an impact on your productivity. Without a comfortable, supportive and ergonomic chair not only will it have an impact on our general health but it can also have a huge impact on our work output.

By selecting the right chair for you, it will help to minimise any strains on health meaning you will be more motivated at work. Check out our full range of ergonomic desk chairs.

Add Inspiration

Make the most of the space you have, why not try to add different and unique features that help you to work at your best. When you are sorting out your desk and rearranging, try to incorporate individual touches and style where possible, this way you are able to add a more personal feel to your workspace. By doing this, it allows you to feel more comfortable in an area that you will spend a lot of time in. As well as this, it helps to ensure that your productivity and work levels are as high as they can possibly be.

By following these four easy steps you can make your desk space as clean and efficient as possible.