The working environment is constantly evolving and many companies are taking the lead when it comes to adapting to their staff’s physical and mental needs.  Ergonomics in particular is a fascinating subject that many industries have adopted and by doing so, have seen increases in their profits, employee morale and production line.   Academic studies conclude, there is a financial return on investment ratio on ergonomic facilities 3:1 to 15:1.


Multiple monitor solutions are one factor associated with ergonomics. The need to process information quicker is becoming a priority for many.  Whilst some employees believe that providing more than one monitor encourages distraction, others strongly believe it has a significant impact on productivity.


 Find out benefits of providing monitor arm solutions below:


1. Less sickness related time off


Offices which show consideration for proper planned ergonomics generally see a decrease in sick leave. In relation to a well thought out office environment,  multiple monitor solutions in the workplace means employees are less likely to suffer with MSD and any other DSE related illnesses. Therefore, companies won’t lose money and /or have to spend extra time finding someone else to cover.


2.  Employee Satisfaction


A happy employee is a healthy employee who in turn will have a higher productivity level who provides a multitude of benefits to the business.   Multiple monitor solutions in the workplace help employees to cope with the constant incoming information and helps to reduce time usually taken up with flicking back and forth to relevant screens.


3. A Better Work Reputation 


A company that cares for its employees helps to create a positive reputation and encourages new talent and skilled individuals. Office ergonomics is becoming more important and well recognised as a solution to creating a work driven and productive workspace, multiple monitors being one of those effective solutions.


4. Improved performance


Workspaces equipped with three displays increase employees’ productivity by 35.5% according to Fujitsu Siemens Computers.  Multiple monitors help employees to process information quickly and efficiently. The University of Utah concluded multiple screens enabled a reduction of errors by 33% and contributes to faster editing skills by 16%.


Those who choose to ignore the benefits of ergonomics including Display Screen Equipment, will perhaps see the effects on staff in the form of long term illness, health pay-outs and the many other repercussions that come with not looking after their staff appropriately.


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