The meeting room plays a vital role in any office, and creating a meeting room that is both practical and impressive can seem like a hard task to complete. That’s why here at The Office Furniture Store we have compiled a list of tips for how you can create an impressive meeting room.

Tip 1: Think about the purpose

In order to create a meeting room that is successful, you need to carefully consider what your room will be used for. You should ask yourself questions such as:

  • How many people will be using the room?
  • When will people need to use the room?
  • Will meetings require projectors / TV’s?
  • Will meetings always be different?

Once you’ve thought about these questions, then you can start to design a room that will be fit for its purpose. For example, if your business regularly holds meetings electronically (using programmes such as Skype or FaceTime) then it will be wise to include space for a projector or TV Screen. Thinking about the requirements for your meetings will help you to create an impressive meeting room.

Tip 2: Create a wide space

For a meeting room to be successful, it is important that the room has a lot of open space. Having this space will ensure that the room can be adjusted to cater for whatever type of meeting needs to take place. For example, if a meeting requires a large number of employees to be present, then you will be able to fit the right number of chairs into the room. Having no obstructions in the room will also ensure that people can have full view of a meeting while it is taking place.

Tip 3: General Ideas

 Some general ideas for your meeting room that you may find useful are as follows:

  • Keep walls plain, with no distractions
  • If possible, try to use a room that is away from the main action of an office, ensuring sound distractions are kept to a minimum
  • Curtains can often make a room feel dark – try to give the room as much natural lighting as possible


We hope that with these simple tips, you can create a meeting room that is as practical as it is impressive.