I don’t know about you, but while I’m at the office stuck on my chair, after a couple of hours my eyes get heavier and I find myself getting into all sorts of positions to get comfy. Although being comfortable at your desk is necessary, is it making us more dreamy than productive? More sleepy than energized? 

Also, it’s been proved time and again that the sedentary office lifestyle that the modern life has been cursed with is causing worrying obesity levels, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression etc. Our coal mining days are long behind us, and let’s face we’re getting fatter and lazier, as each office day goes by.

After all, we are animals that were built to stand and walk not to sit and type relentlessly for endless hours.

However, we can’t be taking invigorating walks around the park every hour or taking leisurely strolls around the office (unless your boss is amazing),  we have work to do! So what could the perhaps life changing solution be for many of us stuck in a weary rut?

The Solution & Studies

Experts have designed sit-stand desks which are designed to work as a traditional desk but also transition easily to a standing desk when you feel like stretching your legs whilst continuing to work. This is an innovative desk leading us down the path of active working which has many advantages. 

Science is at the very core of this invention as many studies and theories believe that being active keeps the brain more productive. So these desks are not only designed to keep those pounds from piling on but also helps us work more efficiently.

A motivating pilot study published in the Preventive Medicine Reports on workers in a call centre found that the employees who stood up for around 60-90 minutes daily at their sit-stand desks were more productive than those who remained at their traditional desks.

A staggering 44% who increased their standing in the office felt “more satisfied” and “more productive” according to the research reported in the Daily Mail

The lead researcher, Dr. Josephine Chau, stated that investing in a sit-stand desk could be one of the ways to create a much healthier lifestyle.

The Humanscale QuickStand (A Sit-Stand Solution)

It’s important to note that getting a sit-stand desk solution is better than just getting a standing desk because you have the flexibility. You shouldn’t transition from standing up all day if you’re used to sitting. It’s a gradual process. The mixture of sitting and standing is also meant to increase productivity, concentration and posture.

The Humanscale QuickStand will fit any standard desk so is ideal for this transition. It’s light and sleek to operate so you can seamlessly switch from sitting to standing. It looks super modern and simplistic, it’s stable when in stand mode with no locks or bolts making it easy to use for first timers.

Humanscale Quickstand  functions as a traditional desk and when you want to stand, you simply lift the work platform up the shaft (where your computer/laptop and keyboard are) using the handles on each side. You can adjust it to suit your height so whether you’re tiny or tall, you can modify it for every user making it perfect to furnish an entire contemporary office.

This sit-stand solution was voted the best office accessory of the decade in 2015 in the Interior Design magazine due to its ultra-simplistic and stress-free design. For more info check it out here

Unleash your creativity and set your body free from the constraints of that office chair with a sit-stand desk!