The first step to combatting a cluttered desk is to mount your monitor somewhere more convenient.  That’s where a Humanscale monitor arm becomes an ideal solution.

Cluttered desks are an annoyance for most of us. Our whole working life ends up on our desk yet we don't have anything constructive to show for it.  Paper piled high. Disused pens thrown in with the new ones. Crumpled up sticky notes - some you need, some you don't.  And usually your tablet’s hiding under that mess and your monitor is taking up the space you could do with!

Sound familiar?

The average office worker spends 1.5 hours a week (6 weeks per year) looking for things!


What is a Humanscale Monitor Am?

A Humanscale monitor arm is a robust and flexible piece of office equipment that attaches to your desk and your monitor.

The Humanscale monitor arm then enables your technology to float above the desk - leaving you with precious room for the more important things.


What are the Benefits of a Humanscale Monitor Arms?

A clutter clearer:

A  Humanscale monitor arm will remove monitors off your desk so you’ve valuable for space for files, current projects and even a mug of tea.

Improve your health: 

Looking at your monitor can impact upon your health over time.  The most common health problems are neck and eye strain. This is because the monitor is in a fixed position which means it may not be easy for you to access at times. Monitor arms however, allow you to adjust the height, depth and angle of your monitor. This means it’s tailor made to your comfort with the added bonus of improving your posture.

Monitor arms work well with sit stand desks:

Since your sit stand desk is adjustable, the Humanscale monitor arm effortlessly also adjusts to your desk height and can be changed accordingly. Both products go hand in hand and integrate easily.

How does a monitor arm attach to my desk?

There are many different forms of Humanscale monitor arms but one of the most popular is a c-clamp desk mounting monitor arm. This version doesn’t require you to modify your desk in any way as it simply clamps.

However a Grommet mount will need a hole in your desk which is fine if your desk already has one. If it doesn’t, then your desk will need to be permanently modified to allow for the Humanscale monitor arm to attach.

Can my tablet and laptop attach to a Humanscale monitor arm?

Monitor arms were originally used for monitors but times change and so does technology. Now a tablet and laptop is more than capable of attaching to a Humanscale monitor arm.

A blue tooth keyboard and mouse can therefore be placed on the desk.


What Humanscale monitor arm should I buy?


Single Monitors:

Up to 9Kg in weight choose the Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm

Over 9Kg and up to 18Kg choose the Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm


Multiple Monitors:

Choose the Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm with crossbar for dual monitor support

Choose Humanscale M Flex System for a flexible mounting system for up to six monitors