The aim of an ergonomic chair is to balance support, adaptabilities and to provide the right amount of firmness to encourage the body to adapt to healthy seating positions. New designs of ergonomic chairs are continuously being developed which allow the chair to adapt to the sitter, creating intense comfort and long lasting health and productivity benefits, so allow us to introduce the Mirra 2, a spectacularly designed ergonomic chair by Herman Miller.

As people continue to change the way they work, becoming more agile at their desks, shifting from individual to collaborative working in short spaces of time it is important that every movement the body makes is supported by their chair. Herman Miller have redesigned their original Mirra chair for a leaner, lighter and more responsive chair, designed to move with the sitter to support even the slightest movements of the body resulting in a fully supportive, ultra-comfortable chair.

The Mirra 2 moves with you, the seat and back instantly adapting to your shape as soon as you sit down. It features dynamic surfaces that respond to your every, movement and simple, small adjustments designed to fine-tune your fit.

The main feature of the chair is the butterfly back, which is exceptionally responsive to the body’s movements resulting from merging fabric layers with polymer veins which create a highly intelligent new supporting structure. The loop spine, paired with the structure ensures the body is kept in perfect alignment and kept cool during the summer months with self-cooling technology within the fabric.

The Mirra 2 balances immediate comfort and personalised ergonomics in one sophisticated design, bringing elegance and light into any office space- with plenty of colour choices for textiles and back and the ability to create different combinations the Herman Miller Mirra 2 will transform any office space, whilst providing years of extreme comfort and support to its users.