We all know how important it is to find that perfect chair, designed to give you ultimate comfort and support during the long working day. If only there were a chair designed to be lightweight yet strong enough to support weights up to 300lb, elasticated to mould to any body shape, stylish and affordable.

Meet the Sayl chair from Herman Miller-perhaps the most materially simple, yet the most technically advanced chair ever created. Designed based on the San Francisco Golden gate bridge, with a Y-shaped strut to mimic the Golden Gate towers, the Sayl chair is constructed of glass filled nylon, with a stretched web of elastomer to create the back. Each strand of plastic is individually designed to different thicknesses to ensure the tension across the web is stiffer and strongest in the centre, being flexible at the sides so it can mould into the individuals back shape and posture for ultimate comfort and support. Unlike other ergonomic chairs, the Sayl chair can adapt to multiple people, due to its elasticated web technology, so the chair can be enjoyed by many and not mould itself to one individual, allowing you to stretch and move striking a healthy balance between health and freedom.

Not only is Herman Miller’s Sayl chair really a chair to suit everyone, it is also one of the most stylishly created chairs to date. With its scientific back support designed to not only feel great to sit on, but also look fantastic, it also comes in a range of different colours to really show off that unique design feature.

Due to its lightweight and simplistic design, fewer parts and less material means the Sayl chair has much less of an environmental impact than other office chair designs.

Every part of the Herman Miller Sayl chair has been considered and reconsidered to ultimately create a better, smarter chair setting the standard in its class in terms of quality, performance and design.