When choosing your office chair, it is vitally important that you choose one that gives you the correct support and comfort, especially when you’ll be sitting in the same position for hours every day. The working week can be long and hard; therefore you must reward yourself, and take care of yourself with comfort and correct support. Not only can this benefit your long term health, but the correct ergonomic chair can also improve productivity in the workplace. Make your working week easier and pain free with the correct support for ultimate comfort in the office.

The Herman Miller Embody chair has been voted the best office chair, due to its stylish design and back support. Just because a chair is comfortable and supportive, there is no need for the style to be compromised, and the embody chair ranks very high in both style and comfort, with some describing it as the “most stylish office chair there is”. This chair is the perfect investment, with ergonomic chairs proven to provide lasting comfort, as opposed to cheaper office chairs which become uncomfortable and unsupportive after a very short period of time.

When choosing a comfortable office chair, you need to ensure it has ease of movement such as being able to roll across the floor easily and to tilt and swivel. Without this, you’ll be stretching to reach things at your desk which could cause muscle pain. The Embody chair features a narrow backrest, to allow you to move freely and easily to avoid unnecessary muscle strain. Another element to look for is the adjustable support to ensure the chair fits to your body just right to experience maximum comfort and support. The embody chair adjusts automatically to support a full range of seated postures, reducing seated pressure and encouraging freedom of movement to allow oxygen and blood to move freely around the body, keeping you focused.

Ensure you don’t fall into the trap of choosing soft seat cushions. For long periods of continuous sitting plump cushioned chairs will not be comfortable. A chair must have firmness in it for good and effective back support. The material you choose is also important, as different materials have different properties that can benefit you or hinder you in productive working. For example, offices can get very warm, particularly during the summer months, therefore choosing a mesh material will ensure airflow between your body and the chair making you feel cooler. Leather on the other hand, whilst it is highly durable, is a restricting material therefore in warm weather will restrict the airflow and cause you to overheat.

For ultimate office comfort, take a look at the Herman Miller Embody chair, the most comfortable task chair. For more information, contact us today.