Technology has become a big part of many working environments. When computers were first introduced in the 1970’s, it helped to add emphasis to a field of research which was concerned about worker’s health whilst at the office.  Ergonomics is the scientific study of humans and their working conditions. It has become a hot topic for many employers.   As technology changes so does ergonomics. With the likes of laptop and mobile devices such as tablets, experts are constantly figuring out how to keep us healthy! How do we ergonomically use laptops and tablets?


Fact: people suffer from what’s called ‘Ipad neck!’


As laptops and tablets are movable, there are many that fail to recognise that ergonomic practices still apply. In fact research has found that workers using laptops and tablets are less likely to take breaks, more likely to sit down for longer periods of time as well as suffering with eye and neck strain.


Here are a few simple solutions to ensure good ergonomic working practice whilst using laptops and tablets.


Improve viewing angles with a CBS Laptop Stand




Excessive looking down is causing neck pain. An appropriate neck angle makes a big difference! An ergonomic approach would be to place a laptop on to a CBS laptop stand. The CBS laptop stand will therefore be at the correct height.


Fact: the user’s eye line should be at the top of the laptop’s screen and a CBS laptop stand enables this.




A designer laptop stand is an ergonomic essential for any tablet. Tablets have no support and require the user to look down or even hold the device which can have a detrimental effect on health. Therefore, a designer laptop stand holds it at the correct neck and eye position.


Everyone has their own eye line and so a designer laptop stand will help to cater to individual requirements.


Health & Safety Reasons to Use Laptop stands


There’s always a risk of putting a laptop on your lap because it feels more comfortable. This is not a good idea due to a number of reasons including:


  •  It encourages the user to curve their back which can create bad posture and in the long term, back pain. A CBS laptop stand therefore ensures the user is sitting up straight.


  • It can cause the laptop to overheat and in some extreme cases burn the user.  When placed on laps, ventilation is greatly reduced therefore a CBS laptop allows the right amount of air flow to the laptop. Not only improving the machine's performances but protecting the user from any nasty burns.



Take more breaks


Ergonomics advises workers to take frequent breaks but it’s considered necessary to take more breaks when using laptop and tablets.


It’s recommended to take a break every 15 minutes and never stay at your workstation for longer than 40 minutes.


The body begins to shut down after a long periods of sitting which has been linked to serious health problems not to mention motivation and productivity issues.


Opt for an external keyboard and mouse


Tablets require a swiping and pressing action which can get repetitive. If you’re using a mobile device instead of a PC then workers may suffer from finger and hand cramps.   Therefore an external keyboard should be used. 


It will be interesting to see how ergonomics develops alongside technology and what challenges it will face in the future.


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