There is always a constant shift each day when it comes to the world of business. A productive workplace should be able to reflect and evolve to these changes. With the use of cloud computing and also hybrid laptops and tables, there has been a shift in how we use our computer screens. New developments in technology are increasing the need for the work place to be responsive and adapt to these changes. Here enters the Ollin Monitor Arm from CBS.

When translated from the Aztec language Ollin means “movement”. This word is perfectly suited for this new CBS monitor arm taking into account its effortless dynamic movement. This unique arm is able to help users interact with technology and others as effortlessly as possible. It offers an extraordinary ease of motion as well as a movement range that exceeds the award-winning Flo arm.

With the use of the new innovative support mechanism which features an elastomeric technical cord, rather than the usual spring steel, the Ollin monitor arm can support weights from 0kg to 9kg. This puts the Ollin Monitor Arm in a weight range that no one can match. By having a down-to-zero weight range, it allows not only traditional monitors to be mounted, but also allows for the use of the newer generation of slim and lightweight monitors, laptops and tablets. Prior to Ollin, around 30% of monitors in the market couldn’t be supported by the monitor arm technology and no arm was able to support the full screen weight spectrum.

The Intuitive functionality of the CBS Ollin monitor arm is built to last. Thanks to its customisability CBS have allowed for even further versatility with options such as a dual screen mount bar, tablet mount, laptop mount and a non-VESA screen mount.

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