Colebrook Bosson Saunders (or CBS) created their Flo monitor arm with the intention of changing the game of ergonomic support. Their goal was to be more environmentally friendly, better looking and better performing than their competitors’ products. This allowed them to create a monitor arm that had a great design, great performance and can offer a range and ease of movements, which set it apart from any other monitor arm support on the market.

The dynamic and fluid movement of the CBS Flo lets the user adjust the position of one or more screens, thanks to their smooth fingertip adjustability. It ensures that the minimum amount of effort is used for the maximum level of precision. Their patented technology allows for a large range of motion and quick control, offering the perfect positioning to support the users eyes.

As well as being easily adjustable this CBS monitor arm is touch-screen compatible and suitable for any collaborative working environment. The use of the D-Ring head is able to provide a 40-degree tilt both upwards and downwards, allowing the user to reduce the amount of glare on the screen. Also, their flexibility allows for a 90 degrees rotation to the left and right, enabling the user to share their screen with colleagues. These levels of mobility are a great tool when working together in groups of projects.

The use of innovative features goes hand in hand with CBS’s patented performance and technology. Thanks to their geometric spring technology and dynamic fingertip control it can support laptops and tablets ranging between 3 to 9 kg.

CBS Flo is able to effortlessly combine sleek aesthetics with top of the range functionality. The Flo family are specifically designed to offer a range of solutions to technological challenges that we face in the office environment. For more information on any of their products, contact us today.