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Humanscale Monitor Arms

The Office Furniture Store is proud to be an authorised dealer for Humanscale, offering a wide range of beautifully made monitor arms, ergonomic office furniture and accessories. Monitor arms allow the user to work in a healthy posture by setting the monitor screen at an optimal distance and height.

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About Humanscale Monitor Arm Range

As the pioneer and leader of office ergonomics, Humanscale makes products that allow workstations to adapt to the user, not the other way around. Founded in 1983 by CEO Robert King with a focus on high-performance tools that support a healthy, more active way of working, Humanscale is now the global ergonomics leader with a reputation for designing intuitive products which improve the comfort and health of office workers. Brand leading Monitor arm support systems such as the M2 & M8 monitor arms and the scalable MFlex monitor support system that allows additional monitor supports, up to six, to be added as the need arises.

Some of the Humanscale monitor arm product highlights we can offer are:

Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm

Designed to suit a range of settings, the M2 allows the user to bring their work to them, versus having to adjust to a static monitor stand.  M2’s articulating arm offers effortless height and depth adjustment for the majority of flat-panel screens available today, accommodating monitors up to 9kg (20 lbs.).

Instead of using a gas cylinder to counterbalance the weight of the monitor, the M2 monitor arm uses extension spring technology. Without clunky mechanisms to complicate the design, the M2 offers uncompromising lightweight, long-term durability and an ultra-thin design that complements flat-panel monitors and attachments for a truly flexible workstation. 

Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm

The M8 monitor arm, combines incredible weight capacity with a stylish, slim profile. Through its fusion of flexibility and strength, the M8 accommodates any single or dual monitor configuration weighing up to 18kg (40 lbs.). Unlike other high-capacity monitor arms with bulky designs, the M8 offers easy adjustment and flawless ergonomic function in an articulating monitor arm.

Humanscale Mflex Monitor Support System

This multi-monitor arm system, can go from one to six monitors in minutes without the need for tools. Seamlessly integrating with any work surface through a wide number of attachments on a single post, M/Flex turns any standard work surface into a dynamic workstation. Unlike many monitor arm systems, M/Flex has a small footprint and its aesthetic won’t overpower the existing workspace. Its modular design and strength allow exceptional performance for a multi-monitor system. As monitors continue to evolve, so does M/Flex. Its versatility makes it the perfect multi-monitor solution for a changing technology landscape.