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CBS Monitor Arms

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About CBS (Colebrook Bosson and Saunders)

The Office Furniture Store is proud to be an authorised dealer for Colebrook Bosson Saunders offering a wide range of beautifully made monitor support products.

CBS was founded in 1990, drawing upon the skills of architecture (Martyn Colebrook), product design and innovation (Peter Bosson) and furniture design (Brenda Saunders) to create new and unique solutions to the technology and furniture interface within the working environment.

CBS’ unique approach rapidly redefined workplace ergonomics and has heavily influenced how people sit and work with computers. CBS has continued to develop innovative and elegant solutions, including the industry leading CBS monitor arms. They create a spacious and healthy working environment for people in a range of application areas including trading floors, offices, hospitals, schools, universities, and passenger terminals.

CBS leading monitor arm and monitor support products such as Wishbone, Flo and the fantastic new Ollin are recognised as leading innovation and are widely used in commercial and service environments around the world.

Some of the CBS product highlights we can offer are:

CBS Wishbone Monitor Support System.
A design classic. Wishbone was the product that broke the mould and was introduced in 1999. Coupled with the Wishbone Post System it was the world’s first monitor arm designed for use with thinner, ‘flat’ screens. Its scalable design means that more monitors can be easily added.

CBS Flo Monitor Arm provides an unrivalled ergonomic solution.
As the market leader in its class, Flo is more environmentally friendly, better looking, and a better performing product than any of its competitors. With great design and great performance, Flo offers a range and ease of movement that sets it apart from all other monitor supports. Single, Double or Multiple Monitors Flo has a product to meet your need.

CBS Ollin Red Dot Design Winner.
Ollin is a world first in design The technical cord that controls Ollin’s arm mean it can accommodate weights from 0kg up to 9kg. No other dynamic arm on the market can accommodate; tablets, monitors and laptops in this weight range. Solutions for single and dual support. Future proof your business with the Ollin Monitor support arm.